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Vibfast produces Toner Pigments of high quality. Toner pigments are lakes of basic dyes with inorganic complexing acids that give spectacular shades. They have high colour strength, brilliance and outstanding chroma and they are compatible with polyamide resins. Toner pigments are suitable for solvent-based packaging inks and offset inks.

They show good flow, high gloss, high transparency and brilliance. They are used in energy-curable inks, in all kind of printing applications.
The water based dispersions made from Toner pigments have found wide application in paper dying and printing.

These pigments are considered to be very versatile as they are compatible with many applications.
Product Name
Tint Shades
Full Shades
Vibfast Violet 4060 C.I. No. Pigment Violet 3
Vibfast Violet 4063 C.I. No. Pigment Violet 27
Vibfast Red 5001 C.I. No. Pigment Red 81:1
Vibfast Red 5002 C.I. No. Pigment Red 81:3
Vibfast Violet 5003 C.I. No. Pigment Violet 1
Vibfast Blue 5004 C.I. No. Pigment Blue 1