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Vibfast Colors offers a comprehensive and competitive range of synthetic and naturally derived dyes, lakes and pigments. We offer high quality pigments under Vibacyl, Vibasol, Vibalin and Vibfast Cosmetic colour Brands for various personal care and home care applications. This range represents a wide variety of water soluble or solvent soluble organic dyes and pigments in powder form for personal care, toiletry and home care applications.
Our broad range of products include FD&C and D&C certified dyes, acid dyes, and other EPA-compliant dyes to suit all applications.

Our products comply with the following specifications:

  • We have superior colour consistency and stability with high industry standards.
  • Our Eco-friendly colour solutions use water and minimize the use of solvents
  • Colorant solutions that meet Green Seal and Design for the Environmental standards
  • Versatile,custom colour formulations to maximise production efficiencies
  • Vast experience in FD&C core-manufacturing
We at Vibfast Colors have extensive technical knowledge and formulation expertise in the home and personal care market, ensuring your success when you choose us.
Uses in Personal Care Application:
Vibfast Colors enhances a wide range of products in the personal care industry such as: Shampoos, Conditioners, Bath Soaps, Hair Gels, Toothpaste, Lotions, Deodorants, Liquid Soap, Hand wash , Hair oil , After Shave, Skin Care Creams, Body Scrubs, Shower Gels and Face washes.
Personal care products and Toiletries come in many forms including liquid, gel, powder and solids.Vibfast ensures the highest technical considerations for all such products while including color in their formula. These include color solubility and color stability. All the colors offered by Vibfast Colors for these applications are manufactured to applicable current legislation: Europe: EU Regulation 1223/2009.
Uses in Home Care Application:
Vibfast is regarded as one of the top ten producers in the world for home care application products. Vibfast offers high quality dyes & pigments under Vibacyl, Vibasol, Vibalin and Vibfast Cosmetic colour brands.We offer aqueous pigment dispersions mainly used in bar soap colouration. The dispersions are in paste form and dispersible in aqueous base.
Our product range includes Toilet Cleaners, Glass Cleaners, Dish Wash Liquid, Detergents, Floor Cleaners, Air Fresheners, Candle Wax, Polish, Silica Beads etc.
We provide the most comprehensive technical service possible. We also have ongoing development programmes to create new technologies for color products of the future. Our technical team provides support, advice and color sampling.
Vibasol (Solvent Dyes)
Product Name
C.I. Name
Tint Shades
Full Shades
Vibasol Blue 5GB C.I. No. 61554
Solvent Blue 35
Vibasol Blue 6GB C.I. No. 61551
Solvent Blue 36
Vibasol Green GG C.I. No. 61565
Solvent Green 3
Vibasol Green PYR C.I. No. 59040
Solvent Green 7
Vibasol Red 3GDN C.I. No. 26100
Solvent Red 23
Vibasol Red 4GDN C.I. No. 26105
Solvent Red 24
Vibasol Violet VT C.I. No. 60725
Solvent Violet 13
Vibasol Yellow 2G C.I. No. 11860
Solvent Yellow 2
Vibasol Orange 4GR C.I. No. 12055
Solvent Yellow 14
Vibasol Yellow 3GP C.I. No. 12700
Solvent Yellow 16
Vibasol Yellow 8G C.I. No. 47000
Solvent Yellow 33
Vibasol Yellow RGB C.I. No. 48160
Solvent Yellow 93